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Each drug is classified by tier for cost purposes per the drug formulary. Drugs identified with the special code “LMSP” on the drug formulary are specialty drugs. If you are enrolled in a copay plan or have after deductible copays on your high deductible health plan (HDHP), then the Specialty Drug Copay applies regardless of the tier number listed on the drug formulary if you see LMSP listed.

Mail Order Service

Postal Prescription Services (PPS) can provide a convenient way for you to get medicines you take regularly. If you take medications to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression or even oral contraceptives, we can help make your life easier.

Convenience at no extra charge

We will ship your order to your home within 24-48 hours of receiving your valid prescription. At your request, we will work with your current pharmacy to move your prescriptions to Postal Prescription Services (PPS).


Postal Prescription Services (PPS) supplies the same high-quality, FDA-approved medications found at our retail pharmacies. We can even supply select over-the-counter products and medical supplies.

Customer Service
Monday-Friday, 6 am-6 pm PST
Saturday, 9 am-2 pm PST

How to get started
Complete and mail the application, which is available online at

Ordering Refills
Mail back the pre-printed order form that comes with each shipment, or call 800.552.6694. You can also order refills online at

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Understand your pharmacy benefits

Your health plan includes prescription medication coverage through Navitus Health Solutions. Through the Navitus portal you can search pharmacies, cost compare medications, see the vaccine network and review your medication history. To view the exact details about your pharmacy benefit, sign in to your Aspirus Health Plan member portal. Your pharmacy benefits with Navitus are linked to your account.

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Specialty Medications

What are specialty medications?

Specialty medications are used to treat certain chronic illnesses or complex conditions. They can be very expensive and often require careful handling and monitoring. In many cases, they are covered only when specific clinical conditions are met.

Members have the following options for obtaining covered specialty medications through Lumicera.

Specialty Pharmacies offer

  • Free delivery of specialty drugs. Specialty drugs can be sent directly to your home, your doctor’s office or another location.
  • Drug reviews with registered pharmacists. These pharmacists can provide one-on-one care to patients with complex conditions.
  • Refill reminders to help you avoid running out of your prescription.
  • Pharmacists ready to answer your questions.

Coverage of specialty drugs is subject to your formulary and benefit package.

Lumicera Health Services
To begin receiving your specialty drugs from Lumicera Health Services, please call Lumicera Customer Care at 855.847.3553 (TTY 711).

You can learn more by visiting

Aspirus Retail Pharmacy Locations
To begin receiving your specialty drugs from Aspirus please call:
906.231.8009 (Houghton)
715.748.5800 (Medford)
906.337.6575 (Michigan - Keweenaw)
715.361.4770 (Rhinelander)
715.644.6333 (Stanley)
715.346.0750 (Stevens Point)
715.847.2547 (Wausau)
715.355.9573 (Wausau – Westwood)

90-Day Supply at Retail Pharmacies

If you have an ongoing prescription see if you qualify for a 90-day supply at retail pharmacies. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist to see if your prescription is eligible.