Manage My Care

Find the forms and information you need to get the most value from Aspirus Health Plan. Learn how to read your ID card, complete the prior authorization process, take a member survey, and much more.

Reading your Member ID card

You will receive a Member Id card which identifies you as an Aspirus Health Plan member. The front of the card includes your ID number and group number, in addition to any dependents, pharmacy information, and network choices.

You’ll be asked to show your ID card each time you visit a doctor or specialist. If your health plan has an office visit copay, you will be asked to pay that amount at the time of service.

Tips to remember

  • Carry your ID card with you at all times
  • Present it when you receive any services
  • Notify Member Services if your ID card is lost or stolen
  • It’s illegal to let anyone not specified on your plan use your Member ID card

Questions?     Contact Member Services at 866.631.5404

Estimate Out-of-Pocket Expenses

To receive a “best estimate” of your out-of-pocket expenses, download and complete the pdfs below.